Who are we?

To put it ostentatiously: A new world of publishing.

To put it simply: A small publishing company set up by professional writers and designers to provide a valid and exciting shop front for their abilities.

In today’s publishing industry it can be difficult to find a market for new work. There’s a tendency to play safe, to mine proven talent or encourage new talent to emulate the styles and subjects that companies — and, to a degree, bookstores — know are effortlessly commercial.

We’re generalising of course, but you get our drift.

It is in this environment that Humdrumming was developed. All of us here have, to varying levels, worked as freelancers in the mainstream publishing industry. One night (and let’s be honest it involved wine, these things always do) we got to wondering whether it would be viable to create a small scale publishing house that would specialise in interesting creator-owned projects. Books we’d always wanted to write but couldn’t find a mainstream market for, books that were personal and that we wanted to craft in our own way, books that we wanted to do for fun.

It would have to be extremely professional; this was, after all, our heart and soul we were pushing out into the market place. Everything would have to be our best possible work, presented in the best possible way. But it would be ours. To do with as we wished. Think of it as an independent music label but for books if you like. A place where we could experiment, where we could run with our ideas and not have to limit ourselves with thoughts of contracts and markets. Ultimately, you see, it seemed to us that if we wanted to create something then there would automatically be a market for it; if an idea fascinated us then, by the nature of odds, there would be a reader somewhere.

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