Meet the Team!

  • Gregory Ashe
  • Roy Cane
  • James Christie
  • James Cooper
  • Gary Fry
  • Rhys Hughes
  • Davin Ireland
  • Michael Kelly
  • Garry Kilworth
  • Gary Mahone
  • Mark Morris
  • Simon Strantzas
  • Jack Torridian
  • John Travis
  • Denys Val Baker
  • Carol Weekes
  • Charles Whiting

Associate Author - Gregory Ashe

Gregory Ashe grew up on a particularly desperate stretch of English coastline where he learned from very early on the benefit of escaping into fantasy.

Leading something of a nomadic life these days he prefers the interest of new horizons to the bland stability of a suburban semi and writes longhand as he travels. If nothing else this makes contacting him a logistical nightmare.

As well as writing he has a long held affection for stage magic and has worked off and on in the field for many years.

Associate Author - Roy Cane

Roy Cane was born in Stratford-upon-Avon. When he was older he became ‘Mr. Cane The Teacher’, who one day — after appearing in three productions with the RSCc, back in the 1990s — upped sticks and ran away to drama school.

He didn’t have to run far, because the drama school was The Birmingham School of Speech and Drama.

Once there, Roy got the chance to work with The Birmingham Bach Choir and the European Community Ballet Company. He also managed to get the part of “Mr. Eagle” in Arthur Miller’s A Memory of Two Mondays at the RSC Fringe Festival in Stratford.

Since leaving drama school, Roy has appeared with the New Birmingham Theatre Company, and with Opera Works as “Jason” and “Theseus” in Benda’s Two Women Scorned.

All was going well — including parts in several Cromwell Film productions, a fine portrayal of Richard Rich in Robert Bolt’s A Man for All Seasons, again in Stratford, plus what has now become an ironic appearance in a V.W. T.V. commercial — until he felt a hard sort of tickle in his throat, which… “…quickly began to bother and so I went to see the doctor, the first of four different General Practitioners I spoke to over the next two to three months.

“I was given some ear drops, anti-acid tablets and told to prop up the end of my bed. I had an antibiotic: Erythromycin, usually prescribed for coughs, colds, and ‘the Clap…’ ”

It turned out to be throat cancer.

That was 2002, and in the sime since, Roy has re-invented himself, becoming a director of both theatre and film. He also started writing a lot more, which is very good.

Associate Author - James Christie

James Christie was born in the middle of a dreadful thunder storm one dark day in May back in 1947 which might explain the lifetime of turbulence he’s experienced ever since.

Coming from a theatrical family he was initially trained as a musician but soon realised that while he might have had some technique he was pretty thin on talent. In the 1970’s he switched careers and became – a coalman, an encyclopædia salesman, a private investigator, a photographer (and courtesy of his Gypsy grandmother) a tarot card reader and a palmist! Working within the realms of the paranormal (he was really rather good at it and still is) he began his literary career by writing horoscopes for the local newspaper and occasional specialist articles on various aspects of the occult.

In the last six years he has published two authoritative biographies on British mediums (Light in the Darkness and Out of This World) and an in depth study of clairvoyant experiences in Spain, In the Arms of the Wind.

Associate Author - James Cooper

James Cooper lives in Nottinghamshire, England, with his wife and son. He is the author of the novel The Midway (Crowswing Books, April 2007), and is the editor of the anthology Dark Doorways (The Prufrock Press, 2009). His début collection of short stories, You Are The Fly (Tales of Redemption & Distress), was published in September, 2007 by Humdrumming. A novella, The Last Act of Recorded Time, will follow from the same publisher in 2009.

He has also sold over thirty short stories to small-press magazines and anthologies in the last three years, including Cemetery Dance; Black Static; PostScripts; Hub; All Hallows; Midnight Street; Not One of Us; Cold Flesh; Daikaiju 2; The Harrow; Black Petals; When Graveyards Yawn; and Red Scream. He is currently heading up a project for Humdrumming entitled In Conversation: A Writer’s Perspective, interviewing some of today’s leading practitioners of dark fiction, including Ramsey Campbell, Joe R. Lansdale, Tim Lebbon, Greg F. Gifune and Graham Joyce. He is also at work on his second novel, Gothic Revival; and a new collection of short fiction.

Associate Author - Gary Fry

Gary Fry has a first-class degree and a PhD in psychology, though his first love is in fact literature. He’s had around 60 short stories published all around the world, and his first collection The Impelled and Other Head Trips (Crowswing Books) was released in 2009, with an introduction by Ramsey Campbell in which Gary was described as “a master.”

His second book is a collection of cosmic horror entitled World Wide Web and Other Lovecraftian Upgrades (Humdrumming; introduction by Mark Morris), and his third a collection called Sanity and Other Delusions: Tales of Psychological Horror (PS Publishing; introduction by Stephen Volk).

Associate Author — Rhys Hughes

Rhys Hughes is one of the most prolific and successful authors in Wales, although his work has rarely been available in his own country. His earliest publications were chess problems and mathematical puzzles for newspapers.

His first short story was published in 1992 and since then he has embarked on a project that involves writing exactly one thousand linked ‘items’ of fiction, including novels, to form a gigantic story cycle. Many of these individual items have appeared in magazines, journals and anthologies around the world and his books are currently being translated into French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian and Greek.

Rhys’s latest novel, The Postmodern Mariner, is available from Screaming Dreams; who also have released Dead Ends: Anthology containing his story “Degrees of Separation”.

Associate Author — Davin Ireland

Davin Ireland was born and bred in the south of England, but currently resides in the Netherlands. His fiction credits include stories published in a wide range of print magazines and anthologies on both sides of the Atlantic, including Underworlds, The Horror Express, Zahir, Neo-Opsis, Rogue Worlds, Fusing Horizons, Storyteller Magazine and Albedo One.

Upcoming from Davin is Slow-Motion Genocide, which Humdrumming is proud to be publishing.

Associate Author — Michael Kelly

Michael Kelly’s fiction has appeared in several journals, magazines, and anthologies, including All Hallows, Alone on the Darkside (Roc), City Slab, Dark Arts (Cemetery Dance), Flesh and Blood, Space and Time, and The Book of Dark Wisdom.

In 2002, Michael edited a book of ghost stories, Songs from Dead Singers (Catalyst Press). His first collection of short fiction, Scratching the Surface (Crowswing Books), was published earlier this year.

Associate Author - Garry Kilworth

Garry Kilworth’s first novel was published by Faber and Faber — In Solitary — a science fiction novel. He has written SF and fantasy novels, film novelisations such as Highlander, historical war novels set in the Crimean War (as ‘Garry Douglas’) and general fiction, such as Witchwater Country and In the Hollow of the Deep-Sea Wave. As ‘FK Salwood’, he’s indulged in historical novels about country matters. Garry likes to do something different each time, so if you want an author who has a string of books set in the same world with the same characters you’re in the wrong part of the library.

In 1980, Garry began writing children’s books and this has become a major part of his output. The themes remain science fiction, fantasy, ghost stories and imaginative and speculative material, though — as with his adult books — there are some straight fiction novels amongst them. He goes into the schools to give talks to the kids about writers and writing and finds them both receptive and bright, even in so-called ‘failing’ schools. Students ask a lot of searching questions and Garry has to give sensible answers or they boo him. It’s good fun and he learns a lot.

In all Garry’s been short-listed for about two dozen awards. He won the British Science Fiction Award, the World Fantasy Award, and the Interzone Magazine poll for the best short story for “The Ragthorn”, which was written in collaboration with Robert Holdstock. Garry had previously won the Interzone Magazine award for “The Sculptor”. He has been twice short-listed for the children’s Carnegie Medal and has won the Lancashire ‘Children’s Book of the Year Award’ (which is judged by kids so it’s doubly relevant).

Associate Author — Gary McMahon

Gary McMahon has placed over 60 stories in magazines and anthologies in both the UK and US. He is the author of the novellas Rough Cut (nominated for a British Fantasy Award, 2007) and All Your Gods Are Dead, as well as a short story collection titled Dirty Prayers, and the forthcoming novel Rain Dogs.

Previously, he was lucky enough to receive two Honourable Mentions in The Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror 18, and four more in YBF&H 19.

Gary lives with his wife and son in West Yorkshire, where he quietly rages against the society that spawned him. He wishes to inform us that the rumours about him are quite untrue; he was visiting friends in Amsterdam on the night of the murders.

Associate Author — Mark Morris

Mark Morris became a full-time writer in 1988 on the Enterprise Allowance Scheme, and a year later saw the release of his first novel, Toady. His thirteenth novel, Doctor Who – Forever Autumn, has just been published, and his fourteenth, The Deluge, will be released by Leisure Books late in 2007. His short stories, novellas, articles and reviews have appeared in a wide variety of anthologies and magazines, and he is editor of the BFS Award-winning Cinema Macabre, a book of fifty horror movie essays by genre luminaries. Forthcoming work includes a “Hellboy” novel, The All-Seeing Eye, and a novella entitled It Sustains, which will be published by Earthling in the summer of 2009.

Associate Author — Simon Strantzas

Simon Strantzas has been selling his work to various markets for over five years now, and with each year that passes he accrues more Honourable Mentions from the Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror series. Currently, his fiction may be found in At Ease with the Dead from Ash-Tree Press, along with the upcoming anthologies Strange Tales II (from Tartarus Press), and Holy Horrors.

Recently, Conrad Williams called him “a young writer with a very promising future”, and Mark Samuels pointed him out in an interview as an up-and-coming weird fiction writer to watch.

He was born one chilly night in Toronto, Canada, and has no plans as of yet to leave.

Contrary to popular belief, he really likes babies, but finds he can never finish a whole one by himself.

Associate Author — Jack Torridian

Jack Torridian was born in Innsbruck, Austria. Raised by his immigrant grandparents in the rural Midwestern US until he was eight, Jack knew virtually no English prior to entering school. Labelled a slow learner by faculty because of his poor command of English, he was put in remedial learning groups in early grade school. An only child until he was fourteen and isolated by cultural and social barriers, he kept to himself for most of his youth. By mid-teens he fell deep into an undiagnosed depression, and by twenty, the combined effects of alcohol and depression put him on academic probation, in trouble with the law, and in detox — hardly a good start on life.

Fortunately, Jack met someone who helped him put his life back on track, and despite setbacks, Jack went on to earn degrees from both the colleges of engineering and of liberal arts. Subsequently, he held jobs that allowed him to travel across the Europe, from Norway to Italy & parts in between; criss-crossing the US & Canada from New York to L.A.; from Toronto to Vancouver; red states and blue states; coastal states and provinces; mountain states & provinces; and plains states & Canadian prairies — meeting people from various walks of life along the way. His adventure fiction The Trainer was inspired by his travels, the people he met, the jobs he held, and the experiences he lived.

Associate Author — Carol Weekes

Carol Weekes has published fiction and non-fiction since making her first short story sale in 1995. Her work has been nominated for the Bram Stoker and Aurora Awards, and this year’s Journey Prize, as well as having garnered several Honourable Mentions in Ellen Datlow’s Best of… series. Since then she has gone on to place work in myriad magazines and anthologies, mainly within the Horror genre. Her first novel, Walter’s Crossing, was released from Naked Snake Press in April of this year. Her second novel, Ouroboros — co-written with author Michael Kelly (Scratching the Surface) — will be released by Humdrumming in 2009. Carol resides in Ingleside, Ontario, with her husband, two children, and a plethora of animals, including many cherished pet rats.

Associate Author — Charles Whiting (d. 2007)

Renowned British military historian and novelist, Charles Whiting fought with the British and American armies in 1944 and 1945. He has turned his first-hand experience fighting in the European Theatre of WWII into over 300 best selling books under a number of pen-names (and some actually using his own).

In December of 2009, he celebrated his 80TH birthday with his wife Gill, and 80 close friends near his home in York.

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