Introduction to Digital Advertising

Digital advertising can get complicated

From display advertising and search marketing to rich media and dTV (Digital TV), there are many digital tools that you can choose. Contact us for more information.

The question is: “what do you want to accomplish and what are the best vehicles to get you where you want to be?” You may choose display advertising for brand building or dTV to communicate with a specific target audience.

Advertising can now be delivered in many digital formats in any medium

While traditional banner ads are still a core component of many campaigns, you may also want to consider advertising on mobile phones, PDAs and exploring other cross platform solutions.

Whether you want to focus on customer acquisition and retention or targeting a new audience, we work with you to simplify the process and focus on what makes the most sense to reach your marketing goals. Find out how online marketing can help.

Outdoor advertising can attract more customers

Digital campaigns have the power and potential to drive your brands engagement with customers and potential customers.

Technology allows advertising agencies collect the correct data, meaning your advertisement will be placed in the most suitable and beneficial location.

Outdoor advertising involves a number of things, including:

  • Billboard
  • Street furniture
  • Transport

Digital outdoor advertising uses electronic technology to display your campaign. Quite often, digital billboards will display a number of advertisers which rotate on a timed cycle.

Exterion Media are known as being one of the UK’s leading suppliers of advertising across outdoor platforms. This includes locations such as National Rail, Westfield London and Designer Outlets. Click here to view more information.