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How Can Bad Teeth Affect Your Confidence?

For a lot of us, our confidence is directly linked with our appearance. One of the most important aspects of our natural beauty stems from our smile; however dental problems and bad teeth can lead to a lot of issues that will ultimately affect our confidence. Crooked teeth or having gaps in your smile can […]

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“Deadbeat is a cracking novella packed with invention, humour and downright grusome horror. Adams is a strong writer who creates memorable scenes that are liberally dosed with comedy and horror… The interaction between the two leads is instantly amusing and with alternating chapters written from the point of view of each— giving you two different […]

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An assortment of things elsewhere on the intar-web which we think are worthy of your time. So, buy one of our books, then go to one of these places and tell them to buy one of our books as well. Deadbeats: Guy Adams’s blog I.A.M. Musing About…: Ian Alexander Martin’s blog stevenewman.mysite.wanadoo-members.co.uk: Steve Newman’s Site […]

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Gregory Ashe Roy Cane James Christie James Cooper Gary Fry Rhys Hughes Davin Ireland Michael Kelly Garry Kilworth Gary Mahone Mark Morris Simon Strantzas Jack Torridian John Travis Denys Val Baker Carol Weekes Charles Whiting Associate Author - Gregory Ashe Gregory Ashe grew up on a particularly desperate stretch of English coastline where he learned […]

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It would be risky of course: we would be biting off a considerable amount of work and the need to constantly swap hats with one another, writer, editor, designer… It could be financially terrifying too, but these days there are viable quality printing methods that can help ease that burden. Nothing would leave our hands […]

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To put it ostentatiously: A new world of publishing. To put it simply: A small publishing company set up by professional writers and designers to provide a valid and exciting shop front for their abilities. In today’s publishing industry it can be difficult to find a market for new work. There’s a tendency to play […]